Avtec IP602IW IP Camera

This is a set of instructions for setting up an Avtec IP602IW IP camera on ZoneMinder.

I still have to sort out the detail for the control file for this camera but the Wanscam one seems to work for now.

The settings for the camera are as follows:

Monitor - IP602IW - General
Monitor - IP602IW - Source
The Remote Host Name is the local IP address the camera is on; something like 192.168.XX.XXX.
The Remote Host Port is the port number the camera is on.
The Remote Host Path should look something like http://[user]:[pwd]@;[IP_address]:[port]/videostream.cgi?user=[user]&pwd=[pwd]&resolution=32&rate=13
Monitor - IP602IW - Timestamp
Monitor - IP602IW - Buffers
Monitor - IP602IW - Control
Monitor - IP602IW - Misc

Save everything.
Restart ZoneMinder -- sudo service zoneminder restart.

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