Google Chromecast Audio

After spending hours getting my Chromecast Audio to stream sound from my Windows 10 PC to my Stereo it turned out to be as simple as:-

  1. Creating a DHCP reservation on the router. Unfortunately the Chromecast won't let you create a static IP on the device itself. (optional)
  2. Setting the PC you want to stream from as discoverable. In Windows 10:- Settings > Network and Internet > Ethernet > Click the network and slide the toggle to on!

It should all now work :)

and through Spotify

  1. Start Spotify on phone
  2. Connect to Chromecast
  3. Start Spotify on desktop. It automaticly connects to the connected session between the phone and Chromecast
  4. Kill Spotify on phone
  5. Use desktop client to control Chromecast

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