This stuff is really here so that I can find it again when I need it.

HTML Stuff

CSS Stuff

Importing site wide fonts

Placing @import url(; at the top of your CSS file will import the Google Raleway font family.

This is used by adding "Raleway" to the font-family declaration in your CSS files like this font-family: "Raleway", Helvetica, sans-serif;

PHP Stuff

A simple PHP script to print the date a web page was last modified.

Last updated: <?php url=""; //change the url to suit
                    $a= (get_headers($url,1));
                    $c = date("l F j Y T e", strtotime($a['Last-Modified']));
                    print_r ($c);
                    echo ("."); ?>

Will produce this:-

Last updated: Thursday October 17 2019 NZDT Pacific/Auckland.

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