Home Assistant stuff

This page is for recording stuff I find out about Home Assistant that wasn't immediately obvious from the documentation in the hope that it will help someone else. 😀

I'm running my instance of Home Assistant on on a Raspberry Pi 4 so most of the stuff is going to be related to HomeassistantOS.

Setting a Static IP

After trying to follow the instructions on Github it turns out that there is a far simpler way for us newbies using HomeassistantOS and I guess Home Assistant Supervised.

  1. Fire up Home Assistant - http://ip-address:8123.
  2. Go to the Supervisor.
  3. Go to "System" at the top of the page.
  4. In the "Host" card select "change" next to IP Address.
  5. On the Network Settings card choose the IPV4 option.
  6. Select the "Static" radio button
  7. Change the IP address on the line headed IP address/Netmask
  8. Press the "Save" option at the bottom of the card.
  9. Restart Home Assistant.
  10. Test the new IP address - http://new-ip-address:8123

Thats it! No messing about with the command line interface and nmcli

PS. I'll sort some pictures when I get a few moments.

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